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Oil: AM, FOX Bath Oil [32 oz.], 20 WT Gold

$ 12.00

  • The new 20wt. Gold Bath Oil may be used with FIT and O/C damper cartridges but should NEVER be used in open bath fork dampers.
  • FOX 20wt. Gold is compatible with all 34mm, 36mm, and 40mm FOX Low-Friction wipers (manufactured by SKF). 
  • FOX 20wt. Gold is only compatible with the latest version of the 32mm FOX Low-Friction wipers (803-00-878). The label indicates specifically that these wipers are compatible with 20wt. Gold.

20wt. Gold bath oil can be used to replace 10wt. Green bath oil in some systems. Additional information regarding updating from 10wt. Green oil to the new 20wt. Gold oil can be found here:


Refer to the following links below for service instructions, and volume amounts:




Bath Volumes: